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Fixed Income Investing   


Investors can select their desired securities from over 50 Authorised Deposit Taking Institutions (ADI's) here in Australia. These regulated ADI's (which consist of banks, building societies and credit unions) issue senior debt securities right across the yield curve, ranging from 11am cash deposits to terms greater than 15 years.


The broad investment spectrum offered to fixed income investors (and the risks carried by investing in high yielding securities) has ensured the need to secure comprehensive investment advice.




Managing Cash Flows


Clients manage their daily cash flows by investing their excess liquidity in senior debt securities, such as Term Deposits. Each client simply picks their Term Deposit maturity date and Farquharson Securities instructs the issuing ADI to redeem both principal and accrued interest back into the client's nominated bank account.





                           Portfolio Services





Direct Investing


Farquharson Securities offers our clients the simple solution to portfolio management, direct investing. Direct investing allows our clients to purchase their desired securities on demand. All securities are re-valued on request allowing our clients to make real time trading decisions.





Risk Management  


Farquharson Securities offers independent valuations to new clients on their existing Portfolios. All assets can be independently valued and reviewed.  Farquharson Securities can be commissioned to advise on investment policy, strategy and asset selection best suited to give your Portfolio the maximum investment performance in the current market environment.  





Managed Investment Schemes (MIS)


Farquharson Securities offers our clients the most comprehensive solution to investing funds into Managed Investment Schemes. MIS are special purpose vehicles, managed by asset managers, and distributed via brokers or financial services groups. The attached Product Disclosure Statements should be read very carefully, with professional advice sought, before investing funds into an MIS.




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